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1. Vacuuming often is the #1 way to prevent traffic \"lanes\" from taking over your carpet. To avoid permanent damage to carpet, have your traffic areas professionally cleaned at least every 12 months -- most carpet manufacturers recommend truck mounted steam cleaning. If you have pets and/or children, heavy traffic areas will need to be cleaned more often to avoid permanant damage. Dirt, grit, & grime get into the fibers and literally cut the carpet creating more surfaces for dirt to adhere to and fraying of the carpet. Even cleaned carpet may look \"fuzzy\" or off-color once permanant damage has occurred.

2. To remove soot, copier toner, fingerprint dust, and other dry products, the first thing to do is try to remove as much as you can without using any kind of moisture. Hand vacuum the area without allowing the vacuum nozzle to touch the surface. Go over the surface several times this way each time getting closer to the surface, eventually touching the surface. This should get rid of most of the larger dry product in your carpet. Next, use a solvent-type cleaner to remove the residue. Revacuum over the spotted area. Repeat until you have completely removed the stain and then rinse it with Common Cents Spot Cleaner followed by water. Never, ever scrub! As always, pretest any chemical in an inconspicuous area before using.
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